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Where did they get the idea I would think that was OK? Cons: "Panamá airport", Pros: "I had a choice of movies, games and music that was very appealing. The Paris - Amsterdam trains are very spacious, they promise big windows, generous legroom, and comfortable seats which are perfect for sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying the breathtaking views outside the train windows. Travelers are strongly recommended to take a test in the 72 hours prior to departure but can opt to take a test on arrival instead. Cons: "I wish the dinner service flying from JFK to ZH could be made sooner in the trip to allow more lights out time to relax and try to sleep. Luggage must be checked through to the final destination, and travelers will not be permitted to leave the international zone to collect and recheck baggage. Cons: "Extremely crowded no place to wait, Split Airport has too many planes coming in/out and not much space for passengers. The flight was so hot, and too crammed. Hacker Fares allow you to combine one-way tickets in order to save you money over a traditional round-trip ticket. The seats were as roomy as coach gets, but comfortable, reclining further than Delta or AA in my opinion. The entertainment system is outdated, screen has no contrast and can only be viewed at a straight angle, which is impossible as soon as the seat is reclined. Morning departure is around 5% cheaper than an evening flight, on average*. Predictably, the process was slow and chaotic. For our 8 hour flight we were served 2 meals and snacks and plenty of hot drinks which was nice.The entertainment was great got to watch movies and play games and also learn language through games." The entertainment system would default to German language from English. Only 3 persons on the desk. They're charging for literally EVERYTHING now. Indicated that his happens and that the planes are supposed to be refurbished within the year. Tampoco me gustó la atención de la tripulación, no pasaron por mi puesto ofreciendo el mísero vaso de agua que daban. It was like watching a movie on a Motorola Razr (or my old Ericsson flip phone). Cons: "All of the above with the exception of crew & food comment. we waited in line at the service desk for over 40 minutes so that she could pay. Needed joystick", Pros: "Boarding and such was straightforward and easy" Cons: "I had to run as fast as I could to catch my connecting flight in Abu Dabi. It is possible elsewhere in the system. ", Pros: "Chicako Párizs szuper , udvarias személyzet pontos érkezés." Did not flatten out for sleep. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Restrictions page, Search flexible flights from Amsterdam to Paris, Best time to beat the crowds with an average. There is no entertainment. We were waiting for an hour only to realize that the arrival port for our luggage was changed. Didn't accept credit cards forced to wait in serval lines to pay for luggage. Outstanding. Also new planes would be nice. It wasn't delivered. Wi-Fi wasn’t available for a portion of the flight. Kayak put us on different planes at different times on our return flight back to the USA. I had a 23kg bag. If KLM are going to charge extra for a window seat, then they should make sure there is a window there! Then the flight was delayed, almost missed my connection. Good legroom. Prenez l’avion depuis la France avec Transavia, easyJet, Ryanair et d’autres compagnies. Enjoyed the red wine; very delicious!" Cons: "All good! ", Pros: "New plane, new seats, new entertainment system. Small amounts of food. They made me miss my train connection", Cons: "My luggage did not make it with me. Entry restrictionsFrance has begun to ease its travel restrictions. Find cheap tickets to Paris from Amsterdam. ", Pros: "The flight attendants were amazing. Aging aircraft. We had to take a bus to the airplane, and even though both plane's entrances were open, they sent everybody to the front entrance. We barely made it in time to get to our gate because of the inefficiencies of Lufthansa. Are they Low Cost Company or ? With KAYAK you can also compare prices of plane tickets for last minute flights to Paris from Amsterdam. Cons: "aisle bulkhead seat: curtai separating business class from economy was hanging over my legs. Paris Amsterdam Vol Air France en Affaires Airbus A319. Cons: "We had ourtrip from San Francisco to Amsterdam which is one of the longest flights ever, andthe entertainment system wasnt working, we kept on telling them several times but nothing happened and at the end they wereeven avoiding us. The audio was horrible. ", Pros: "The cabin crew was very friendly and helped me to move from a center seat to an aisle seat. Search flexible flights from Amsterdam to Paris. Les meilleurs tarifs de vols Paris Charles de Gaulle - Amsterdam Vols Paris - Charles de Gaulle - Amsterdam - Schiphol à partir de 60 € Prix constaté Il y a 9 jours 1 person working a service desk for a large airport is unacceptable, especially when they are 8-10 waiting to scan your baggage and not helping out at all. ", Pros: "Staff attentive. The overall flight experience make southwest look like a luxury airline. ", Pros: "Night flight so no entertainment allowed sleeping" Cons: "Small aircraft", Pros: "Me gustó que tienen un buen sistema de check-in, embarque y desembarque." En bus, le trajet dure 7h30. ", Pros: "Nice service." ", Pros: "Plane not full so we hat an extra Seat", Pros: "Smooth boarding and flight, fun snack (cakes on a plane! Cons: "Boarding was chaotic. Would be pleased to fly them again." It is a huge plane with a huge sized business class which makes the cost less worth it compared to a Boeing. As well as travelers arriving from states in the wider European area (EU, UK, Andorra, Vatican City, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland), travelers may now enter France from Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay without any requirement to self-isolate, or to demonstrate their travel is essential. Most of the flight attendants were very nice." K Distance: 430 kms Discover cheap flights from Paris to Amsterdam with the Opodo search engine. Our seats were dirty and the trays from the seats were disgusting, the seat in front to me was damage so the lady in front to me got me stock on my seat for the whole trip, i asked crew if thry can tell her to move lil forward cuz i needed to get up to bathroom after 5 hrs in a plane , flight attendanr say : no, try to jump"...the food was disgusting, chicken with God knows what it looks like vomit. Cons: "They ran out of the chicken for dinner and only had manicotti left, which was horrible! Up to this hour I don’t know how I am going to be reimbursed (train and plane). ", Pros: "The crew was great, very friendly and attentive. Waited in shuttle for 45 minutes before being taken to plane. My chair was bumped because us was just a little bit broader in the gangway than the other chairs. Don't offer water on plane. Recherchez des vols pour Amsterdam sur KAYAK et trouvez les meilleures offres. Cherchez le vol Amsterdam - Paris le moins cher et réservez votre billet d'avion. Prenez un billet d'avion pour Amsterdam. Great leg room though. No attendant call button I could find. ", Pros: "We were worried based on negative reviews on SWISS we had read prior to our trip, but they were WONDERFUL!! A seulement 1h15 d'avion de Paris, Amsterdam est une capitale européenne parfaite pour un city trip. ", Pros: "Crew was professional and attentive. La ville de Paris (PAR) dispose de 4 aéroport(s) : Charles de Gaulle Airport, Héliport De Paris, Orly Airport, Paris–Le Bourget Airport. ", Pros: "The Plane was modern, they had food / drinks for us, and overall the flight experience was excellent." Nous continuons notre série sur les meilleurs bars et restaurants rooftop en partant pour Amsterdam. Had to wait for it the next day for three hours. I ended up paying more to check my guitar in at the airport", Pros: "Food was fantastic. When flying out of Amsterdam you will be using Amsterdam Schiphol, often referred to as Amsterdam Airport. En réservant vos billets d’avion Paris Amsterdam Schiphol de août à mars, vous êtes sûr d’obtenir les tarifs les plus intéressants. ", Pros: "We arrived 15 minutes early, which is always great!" Everything in that flight was horrible." They also lost my luggage. The entire flight was locked in a room and not allowed to leave with very little explanation as to why. ", Pros: "The crew was professional and polite", Pros: "Was nice and pleasurable" ", Cons: "KLM sent us to Kiev thru Stambul (Turkey). Surprising, it was very hot all the time. Online checkin was impossible. They may either provide a negative test result taken less than 72 hours before departure. ", Pros: "crew was great , very friendly" ", Pros: "Good flight with Swiss friendliness. Quelle est la durée du voyage en train entre Paris et Amsterdam? Cons: "Flight was late. Movies were kind of older ones but I had reading to do so entertainment wasn't that important. Also the staff for Vienna airport is who you have to go to to pay fees for luggage and THEY ARE THE WORST TO DEAL WITH. Cons: "No entertainment on board in business. ", Pros: "The food, the facilities, the seat, everything. The flight crew seemed to made up for much of the delay by flying faster or more directly so the total flight time did not increase by 30 minutes. Long and slow line for check in and then long and slow line for passport control and security, but we survived it. KAYAK searches hundreds of travel sites to help you find cheap airfare and book the flight that suits you best. ", Pros: "Upgrade to business class. Un vol direct a une durée approximative de 1 heure et 20 minutes. Cons: "On time boarding", Pros: "Horrible seating, boarding was a mess, not sure what flight to get on!!" Your entertainment SUCKS. ", Pros: "Air France is always a great experience-Sure wish they would restart their nonstop service from Orlando to Paris or partner with a discount carrier to code share service." There's like 6 of these and they're taken immediately. This is not the first time I've had a bad experience at this airport. Try it some time. KAYAK’s flight Price Forecast tool uses historical data to determine whether the price for a flight to Paris from Amsterdam is likely to change within 7 days, so travelers know whether to wait or book now. Good snacks. ", Pros: "The crew was very nice , offering us often drinks and snacks There was touch screen to each passenger the flight passed faster thanks to the films ... especially i loved the idea of waching a film that took place in new york city when our destinations was new york . Confirm policies on booking site. So now we have to wait a couple of days to get the rest of our luggages. From the Canal Belt to the Van Gogh Museum, there's plenty to see in this free-spirited capital. 90s vintage plane interiors. The food, drinks and snacks never stopped and were tasty!! Et vous, quelle classe choisissez-vous pour votre trajet en Thalys de En train, on parcourt en réalité un peu plus de 500 km entre les deux villes. Cons: "We were put in the last row of seats, which don't recline, though the row in front of you reclines into you and you are trapped. Surprised that one hour trip at this price , well over $200, was in this category. One of the flight attendants was rude when we were trying to deal with our child who had vomited. The Avocado Show : le premier bar à avocats d’Europe, À Amsterdam, la location de vélos entre particuliers, Les prix des billets d’avion vont de 98 € à 238 €, Le prix moyen d’un billet d’avion est d’environ 132 €, De Paris (PAR) jusqu’à Amsterdam (AMS) avec Air Europa, le 08-01-2021 à 20:10, De Paris (PAR) jusqu’à Amsterdam (AMS) avec Blue Air, le 24-01-2021 à 11:20, De Paris (PAR) jusqu’à Amsterdam (AMS) avec Air Europa, le 24-01-2021 à 19:10, De Paris (PAR) jusqu’à Amsterdam (AMS) avec Air Europa, le 28-12-2020 à 20:10, De Paris (PAR) jusqu’à Amsterdam (AMS) avec Ryanair, le 31-12-2020 à 09:20. Meilleurs tarifs, infos pratiques Paris Amsterdam Cons: "Air serbia did not tell us why there was a 4+ hour delay to belgrade. ): what a bargain. Cons: "Airport is too hot", Pros: "Very comfortable flight with plenty of food, drink, entertainment and good service. It was great, will fly with Swiss again for sure." Cons: "Can't think of anything. Paris Amsterdam Vol KLM en Economique Boeing 737-800. ", Pros: "There was a very long line at the check in counter on the way back. Compare flights from Paris to Amsterdam and find cheap tickets with Skyscanner. Timely departure and arrival, hassle free, safe trip all the way. … Le voyage en solo... certains le redoutent, d’autres lui vouent un culte et beaucoup hésitent à se lancer... Pourtant ceux qui y goûtent reviennent généralement comblés. The problem was explained well. ", Pros: "Seat room was better on most economy flights. ", Pros: "The price" Cons: "They should have had more people at the airport dealing with all the people that missed their connection, instead of just one cranky person( at the Bucharest airport). They even passed out food (sandwich) during this very short flight." From the crew at check desks, to those greeting you as you board and throughout the flight, they are the reason I continue to fly with them. Cons: "No leg room for us tall people! Food was actually very good! Cons: "The seat space was a little narrow", Pros: "The refurbishments of the 777 aircrafts has definately improved the experience. Cons: "The seats did lay flat but were hard and uncomfortable in the down position. ", Cons: "Couldn't log in online because site wouldn't accept any of my credit cards. Avoid at all costs. The food and drink is only available for pay. Vol Paris Amsterdam pas cher. Sitting in Economy plus is acceptable comfort wise. ", Cons: "We were rebooked, which understandably happens for any number of reasons. When flying out of Amsterdam you will be using Amsterdam Schiphol, often referred to as Amsterdam Airport. The food was good and the glass of champagne did not hurt at all. Cons: "I paid extra for a window seat, but due to the poor alignment of the seats with the actual windows, I actually sat next to a wall! They were good natured throughout the flight, especially one gentleman. ", Cons: "Plane was canceled at the last minute with a transfer desk literally assaulted by 100s of people. Cons: "I feel comfortable flying when I can see out the window so don't force me to close my window shade.The flight attendants kept forcing me to close my shade. Looking for a cheap flight? ", Pros: "Air dolomiti - great service, prosecco in a real glass and with small sandwich provided. Would avoid this airline at all costs. The seats on the plane were not comfortable in the lying position. Cons: "The Amsterdam airport is super disorganized, with rude employees great at making excuses for their incompetence. Skyscanner is a fast and simple travel search engine that compares hundreds of flights from all major airlines and travel agents, finding you the best deal on cheap plane tickets to Amsterdam from Paris. Au printemps ou en automne, vous découvrirez aussi bien la ville à pied, qu'à vélo ou en bateau. ", Cons: "Food and coffee were cold. Seats had no cushion left in seat bottoms. Cons: "Checking in was ridiculous. Boarding and exiting the aircraft were zoos. Short seat belts. ", Cons: "Standing outside of the plane in the freezing hail, when my clothing was completely unequipped for it", Pros: "The premium economy clas was wonderful. I had to check my carry-on!" ", Pros: "I'm very satisfied with Swiss airline excellent service starting from the flight attenders very professional friendly excellent food .if I would recommend this airline absolutely 100%..", Pros: "The food and beverage offerings were very good. And online check In was difficult . The food they served was so unpalatable that I threw up. Ever ever ever", Pros: "The crew on board was helpful, but they can hardly make up for company’s atrocious policies." Then, my luggage got lost during the transfer, so I had to wait for 5 hours, which made my plans a mess. Security staff were pleasant, and the entire check in process for everything was easy" À vol d'oiseau, 430 kilomètres séparent Amsterdam de Paris. Cons: "Food wasn't good, no entertainment or accessory plug ins, and seats were worn out! Cons: "Airline is always late with no layover time making journeys stressful. Whether it's her personal opinion or KLM's policy, it's unreasonable to think that a 3 years old child could or should hold her pipi over 20 minutes, while they slowly and inefficiently trying to give out food. Prenez l’avion de Nice à partir de 25 €, de Paris à partir de 33 €, de Nantes à partir de 47 €, de Marseille à partir de 71 € ou de Bordeaux à partir de 82 €. ", Cons: "I bought economy class ticket! No information on connecting flights. Cons: "Food on AF montreal - paris flight and totally rude stewardesses", Pros: "The aircrew are very friendly. Lounge in SFO was smallish and not many choices in the food bar. With my weight and of my fellow members better to let us in the front.. Row 6 was given to a miles & more client...", Pros: "Everything else." ", Cons: "I missed a collecting flight due to weather and the airline refused to rebook my flight. Il est conseillé d'arriver au minimum 2 heure en avance à … Cons: "Flight was delayed for more than 1 hour and it was overbooked. Cons: "It was very hot in there probably hotter than it should be. Cons: "tv sound didn't work", Pros: "The food was good as always, the crew is nice." I was surprised they couldn't discover I only ordered it for the second leg of my flight." You have to go to different desks to verify passport (!) My concerns about not receiving the correct meal was handled professionally and promptly during the flight. ", Pros: "Friendly crew; comfort; punctuation. Cons: "Not enough room for legs. Placed us to row 18...emergency exit." Not much air flow I was sweating the whole flight. Sometimes travel dates aren't set in stone. No entertainment. VU. Not much air volume. I'm elderly and being forced to climb up and down stairs to the Tarmac with luggage and then crammed into a bus to the terminal was terrible. Cons: "More movies and TV shows please! Seats were uncomfortable", Pros: "The food was the best I've had on any airline in recent times. nice snacks" Flight was also delayed so it was very tight to get to my connection. ", Pros: "The flight experience was smooth!" ", Cons: "Left a little late for no apparent reason. and questioned my Star Alliance premium silver status, demanding I show her my card (I have no card). The main meal was not very good, pasta sauce was gross, could've done better with prego. Cette année marque le 125e anniversaire de la mort du génie impressionniste. Economy class - you have to pay for the meal? Cons: "Seats were situated next to the bathroom", Pros: "Safe and efficient transportation." Find cheap flights in seconds, explore destinations on a map, and sign up for fare alerts on Google Flights. Crew members were friendly and helpful. Si vous voulez goûter un plat vraiment typique, essayez le stamppot, autrement dit « plat de purée ». 7 hours AMS to JFK. Very filling and hot foods were hot and cooked thoroughly. Cons: "The cabin crew was very friendly and helped me to move from a center seat to an aisle seat. The main meal was also surprisingly tasty. Seat was as expected. ", Pros: "Friendly crew. BAD way to manage a crisis in my opinion. Thankfully, the flight itself after that horrendous experience was good. After waiting over a half an hour after landing to de-board, we were given much information In trying to get to the proper places to check certain baggage items, and we walked up and down and around a whole terminal trying to get to the proper gait. Cons: "I had no idea i would be charged for checked in bag! We traveled with 2 young kids and this made the 30 some hours of traveling more bearable." ", Pros: "priority boarding, entertainment" ", Cons: "Very slow service. No information given about luggage and being forced to pay for a seat fee. A vol d’oiseau, Paris et Amsterdam sont à 431 km de distance. The result is a surge of people right when they announce boarding for that cabin. I will do everything I can to avoid flying with Air Serbia in the future. ", Pros: "The food was good" It was a joke for anyone with kids or the elderly. Bad lines, unorganized, and people pushing. vol pas cher - Normal (exit row): just give up. This is really worth my money. I also got too little transfer time and barely made it because my flight arrived late. - Upgrade to business! Cons: "We cheked in on line for our flight Amsterdam Boston Ariiving at 5.05 AM for our first flight to Frankfurt at the lugage drop of desk There was a line out the door wich made us almost mis the plane At the gate they had problems with my carier on The same carier on is traveling with me for more than 15 years and never denied plane acces Result all my creditcards/money and important documents where not longer withs us So we could not buy a drink or food at two airports There was plenty of space in the overhead compartments above our seats That part of our experience was very bad Tnx", Cons: "Tardiness. ", Pros: "should let first board passenger in rear rows and not everybody together. Then there was the guy in front of me not willing to forego putting his seat back on my knees for over half the flight. Airline crew, personnel of diplomatic and consular missions and international organizations with offices in France and their spouses and children, and merchant seamen may also still enter. But crew served only first 20 rows of aircraft. She might be not fit for the job anymore, but KLM can't afford this kind of treatment.

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